Enterprise Solutions

BLUE LOTUS 360 ERP industry solutions provide flexible yet focused capabilities tailored toward supporting businesses with their challenges.

ERP for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Blue Lotus 360 express is a unique solution for small scale and start-up businesses with the features of user-friendly, affordability and is designed with tools to streamline business processes such as inventory, accounting, customers, sales and employees.

ERP for Medium and Large Businesses

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Medium & Large Businesses

Blue Lotus 360 Pro & enterprise version solutions are designed for medium and large-scale businesses to simplify their complicated business processes. Our system offers multi location, Multi Business units, multi approvals as well as multi project feature for all business functions.

Sales Force Automation/SFA

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Sales Force Automation /SFA

Blue lotus 360 SFA system is designed to cater unique business processes and offers the flexibility to adapt to your workflow. Our solution will help you streamline processes between the front end and backend while ensuring accuracy.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Human Resource Management (HRM)

Blue Lotus 360 offers a user-friendly, revolutionized solution that can streamline your HR processes. Our solution will help you manage all aspects of HR activities including employee profile and attendance, leave management and generate payrolls while maintaining the legislative guidelines.

Point of Sale (POS)

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Point of Sale (POS)

Blue Lotus 360 offers a user-friendly software solution which helps you manage multiple customers in a demanding environment. Our solution helps you manage inventory, flag items for reorder, and analyse sales patterns through detailed and sophisticated reports and many more.


Comprehensive Solution Provider for E-Commerce

It is very important to have a Blue Lotus 360 software designed for e-commerce as it helps to integrate with many e-commerce platforms and shopping carts to have the ability to receive and operate data.


Comprehensive Solution Provider for Essential needs

Essential solutions cover a wide range of solutions such as Accounting, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Warehouse Management, Payment Gateway

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