ERP Software System for Trading and Distribution

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Trading and Distribution

General Hardware


General Hardware

Comprehensive Solution Provider for General hardware Trading and Distribution

General hardware industry is challenged by massive retailers in the market and is required to adapt to a dynamic retail environment. Hardware retailers need a modern solution to adapt to the constantly varying necessities of the customers.


Comprehensive Solution Provider for Electronics Trading and Distribution

Blue Lotus 360 ERP software comprises of functionalities that will help you overcome the upcoming challenges and current issues in the distribution industry relevant to lot billing, cut wire & reel tracking, electronic data interchange and updates about discounts & prices.


Comprehensive Solution Provider for Pharmaceuticals Trading and Distribution

Pharmaceuticals industry faces strict government regulations and certifications. Blue Lotus 360 ERP software can now help you automate your business processes. Our software will help you with expiry management which includes push sales and generating stock ageing reports by expiry date.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Comprehensive Solution Provider for FMCG

Organizations that deal with FMCG requires high efficiency in business processes in order to keep up with the fast-moving trends in the market. Distributers in this industry has to deal with delivering large quantities which makes the process extensive.

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