ERP Software System For Manufacturing Industry in UK

Comprehensive ERP Software System Solution For Manufacturing Industry in UK.


Comprehensive Solution Provider for Apperal Manufacturing

Dealing with the apparel industry without an ERP solution isn’t as easy as it seems. Without a proper ERP system, learning, foreseeing, and taking care of buyers’ demand can easily turn into a challenge that can be overwhelming to even the most experienced companies in the industry.

Food and Beverages

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The food and beverage industry has challenges of managing perishable products and navigating strict regulations. An effective ERP solution that’s built for your industry and specific needs will help the food and beverage industry to deal with their particular demanding situations.


Comprehensive Solution Provider for Chemical Manufacturing

The chemical industry faces many challenges, such as stringent safety standards, strict government rules and regulations and, continuous R&D. The chemical industry’s processes are complex and involve a lot of workflows & special procedures, such as drop shipments, which require a variety of applications and databases.


Comprehensive Solution Provider for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry consists of strict laws and regulations. Thus, it is vital to have a seamless system and appropriate tools to streamline business processes from manufacturing to delivery.

Aluminium and Steel Metal Sheets Industry

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Aluminium and Steel Metal Sheets Industry

Customers of the Aluminium and Steel Metal Sheets industry mainly expect effective and efficient delivery and inventory management along with customer service. Hence, the Blue Lotus 360 ERP software will help your company to streamline operations by managing imports and exports.

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