ERP Software System For Agriculture Industry in UK

Comprehensive ERP Software System Solution For Agriculture Industry in UK.

Tea Plantation


Coffee Plantation

Flower, Rubber..

Tea Plantation

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Tea Plantation

Sri Lanka being the 4th largest tea producer in the world makes companies in the tea plantation industry deal with many business processes in a medium and large scale.


Comprehensive Solution Provider for Coconut plantation

At present the coconut industry in Sri Lanka has reached a transitionary stage since a big demand has developed for both processed products and fresh nuts in the international market.

Coffee Plantation

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Coffee Plantation

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Since Sri Lankan coffee industry is existing in local as well as international markets, companies in the industry should be able to supply based on demand.

Flower, Rubber, Oil Palm and Winery Plantation Industry

Comprehensive Solution Provider for Flower, Rubber, Oil Palm and Winery Plantation Industry

Blue lotus 360 ERP software can help you with generating advance reporting structures by capturing all the transactions with each and every minute detail. Our system will secure all your data as it can define role-based authorization to individual users.

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