Pharmacy POS System in Sri Lanka

Pharmacy POS System in Sri Lanka

Looking for pharmacy POS system in Sri Lanka? Checkout Blue Lotus 360 pharmacy POS system features below.

Medicine Inventory management

Medicine inventory management is one of the key areas that require extra attention as following manual and traditional methods will make a lot of mistakes. Managing medicine inventories by using Blue Lotus 360 pharmacy POS system will make your life easy as it will cut down many extra works that has to be done manually. This will help you to save your valuable time and so as your money.

The Blue Lotus 360 pharmacy POS system will help you to get a clear and detailed picture of the inventories that you have and also if you want to go into more details everything you need is just a click away.

If you want to get monitored the shortages to be refilled in advance and the products that are about to expire Blue Lotus 360 pharmacy POS system will take a good control of everything that will reduce the wastages that are commonly find in pharmacies.

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Billing is also a sector that you should be rightly monitored. By installing Blue Lotus 360 pharmacy POS system you can also simply get done your billings more accurately. Billing shows the professional level of the particular organization so as correct billing will help to increase the confident of your customers who visit your outlet and if the billing can be done quicker that will also help the efficiency of your pharmacy to make a better inspiration about your brand.

Billing with Blue Lotus pharmacy POS system is more detailed and the best that you get is you can use the same software to get done many tasks at once. This will also help to reduce the time wasting in your pharmacy to enter every product manually to the bills also it may get you inaccurate figures as well.

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Cost balancing is a crucial area in every sector where there can be a lot of mistaken happen due to the improper, inaccurate and inefficient manual workloads. Coming up with more pragmatic solution Blue Lotus 360 is ready to ease up your daily work to be done by supporting your accounting that will help you to get more accurate details that will help to navigate the business.

Accounting at a pharmacy should have a financial viability that is rightly effect to monitor the revenue generating and get a clear indication of how to manage the cost effectively by increasing the profit. Using Blue Lotus ERP system for pharmacy POS system will guide you rightly to get done correct statistics and reports that are related to accounting.

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Purchase orders

You may find making purchase orders manually by following traditional methods will make mistakes often where your precious time and money will be wasted. Making purchase orders by using Blue Lotus 360 pharmacy POS system will mainly help you to reduce the wastage that can be caused due to the errors can be happen when generating the purchase orders.

Blue Lotus 360 ERP systems is meant to increase the productivity of your business and so as it will make sure the purchase orders that you make are more detailed and accurate that can be done in short period of time.

So as you no need to worry of allocating specific time just to create the purchase orders and as soon you give the command the outcome you need will be right in front of you.

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Suppliers’ management

Supplier management is also a primary area where you need a defined process to keep up a smooth process that will affect your daily operations. Blue Lotus 360 ERP system will also support you by taking care your supplier management by giving you better results.

You can add your suppliers to the database and the operations to be monitored related to supplier management can be efficiently monitored in right way. This is also help to cut off considerable manual works that you used to do by wasting a lot of money, time and human resources.

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Next benefit that you will be getting by using Blue Lotus 360 ERP system is it will ease up the report making processes that has been a hassle for you when managing the daily operations in your pharmacy.

Reporting will indicate the accurate statistics that will help to get a detail picture about your business and where it is directing. So as you will not need spend unnecessary timing to generate the required reports and check their accuracy.  Blue Lotus 360 ERP system will get you the right report right there whenever you required.

Desktop & Mobile version

Blue Lotus 360 pharmacy POS system is very much user friendly as you can get easy access for you to monitor your business. You can simple install it to your desktop or to your mobile and either way you log in it will be very much easy for you to track and manage your works in right way.

If you are looking for more customized and practical solutions to ease up your daily operations in your pharmacy by increase its efficiency and profitability by reducing the wastage get you POS system with Blue Lotus 360 ERP systems to get amazing results to your system.

For more information please contact our professional team to learn about the best matching personalized solutions for you and our team will be very  much happy to support you with all the information required.

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