Billing Software in Sri Lanka

Billing Software in Sri Lanka: Use Blue Lotus 360 ERP System

What is Billing Software?

Billing software is business management software that helps you track, manage and automate your customer’s invoices.

Blue Lotus 360 ERP System is an all-in-one solution for your business needs. It offers the complete billing software in Sri Lanka for your accounting, inventory control, order processing, and other business needs.

The application provides a proven billing and revenue management solution that reduces costs, increases revenue, and helps increase productivity while improving customer satisfaction.

billing software sri lanka

Create Billing Invoice

The Blue Lotus 360 ERP System provides a full range of billing tools to help you generate and manage billing invoices, including the ability to create multiple types of invoices.

You can create different types of invoices, such as daily bills, monthly bills, semi-annual bills, and annual bills. The system lets you easily categorize invoices by business unit or customer type.

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Accounting software can help you stay organized and make it easier for you to track all of your expenses. You can use it to create reports and charts showing how your business is doing, or you can use it to help you make better decisions.

It also allows them to see which areas are performing well or poorly, so they know where to focus their efforts for their business to grow further.

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Profit Loss Report

The monthly Profit Loss Report allows you to see how much profit is left after deducting all costs for the current month. This report also shows how many days you need to save until your next payment date. You can also calculate how much money you need for each biller and pay it accordingly.

Invoice Generator generates invoices based on your customer’s requirements (customer number, product type, purchase order number, etc.)

Invoicing history with reports, which allows you to track all transactions related to your accounts receivable.

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Online Based

Online-based billing software is a time-saving and cost-effective solution for your business. This type of software helps you manage your clients, keep track of every transaction, generate reports, provide customized services, and more.

Any size of business can use online-based billing software. From small companies with just a few clients to large organizations with many clients, online-based billing software is suitable for all types of businesses.

Desktop and Mobile support

Our systems are user-friendly and easy to use so that you can get started quickly and easily. The system has been designed with ease of use in mind. We have created a user-friendly interface that will guide you through setting up your business, including creating company policies and tax codes.

We offer desktop and mobile support for all our customers, so they can access their accounts anytime, regardless of where they are located.

Paid and Unpaid Report

The use of ERP software solutions is gaining popularity in Sri Lanka. The software solutions are tailor-made for many small and medium-sized businesses to streamline their business processes, manage internal communication, including communications with customers and suppliers, access reports for decision making, and improve overall efficiency.

These Software solutions also promote user-friendliness and eliminate the need to rely on an IT expert.

Barcode generator

A barcode generated is used to create a barcode that can be used to identify a product. The barcode is a series of numbers used by many devices and applications.

Barcodes can be used as a tracking tool for all your shipments. This will help you know where your product is at all times, which will help you avoid any losses or thefts.

E-mail and Print Your Invoice

E-mailing invoices is a great way to ensure your customer gets their payment on time. Our Billing Software in Sri Lanka can print and e-mail invoices according to your needs.

E-mail your clients and ask them to print and save the invoice. This will help you increase your data and ensure you always follow up with your clients.

Tax Calculation

The Tax Calculator helps users calculate their tax liability for different types. Users can enter their business details, such as turnover and taxable income, to estimate how much tax they will have to pay.

The system also offers several options for customizing the output, allowing users to produce detailed reports on their tax liabilities.

Daily backup

The billing software is an essential part of the ERP system. It includes all the details of a customer’s account and allows you to keep track of their purchase history. This can be done through a daily backup or a transaction file.

The transaction file contains the customer’s purchase history details, including the date, time, and amount spent on each transaction. You can also add notes or comments to each transaction if you want to keep track of what happened during that day.

You’ll need to back up your data regularly to prevent loss or damage. You should do this at least once weekly, but it’s better to do it more often if possible.

User training

User training is one of the most essential and critical parts of the ERP system. The training must be provided to the clients on how to use the software and manage their business effectively. This will ensure they understand the system and can use it better.

Expert consultants should give user training with years of experience in this field. They are trained to answer all your queries related to billing software in Sri Lanka and provide you with the best solutions regarding your business needs.


It was explained that blue lotus 360 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that integrates sales, purchases, and accounts receivables. Using this billing software, companies can ensure optimum use of resources, better productivity, high efficiency, and much more.

The user-friendly interface of this particular software makes it ideal for any company regardless of size. There are several similar applications in the market today, but blue lotus 360 ERP has become the leader because it has been developed with great precision and offers seamless financial management.

It can be used to integrate other components such as business intelligence tools to give customers instant access to various reports etc.

So for billing software in Sri Lanka contact Blue Lotus 360.

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