Time Attendance System Sri Lanka

Time Attendance System Sri Lanka: Choose Blue Lotus 360 ERP System

Looking for time attendance system in Sri Lanka? Blue Lotus 360 is ready to give you so many solutions to track time attendance.

Check the following guidance and learn about the resolutions that you can get to keep an organized recording and information about attendance and performance monitoring.

Staff time attendance management

The time attendance monitoring is very much needed to any type of organization regardless the size of the organization. Probably the bigger your organization, company or the business you get it would be challenging to track the time attendance of your staff.

When it comes to the context of Sri Lanka, some of the organization still keep recording or get the records of staff attendance manually that may directly impacting the professionality of the organization and its outcome. The mistakes can be happen with manual recording are at a higher level that may affect the payrolls as well.

Using a proper ERP system is the best solution that you can get to keep up the staff time attendance in more organized way, transparently and accurately. Blue Lotus 360 now introducing extra developed features to properly track the staff time attendance.

Real time monitoring

Real time monitors is another solutions that you can get from Blue Lotus 360 to get better HR perception for staff related monitoring in work hours. This will give a strict processing time frame to fulfil the tasks that will help to meet deadlines.

This will help both the employees and employer or the organization to get a detail picture about the progress of the given tasks.

The responsiveness of Blue Lotus 360 is at a higher level that has much efficiency than a manual system. It has multifunctional resources that will be more beneficial to track and monitor the real time functions.

Staff schedule

Blue Lotus 360 ERP system is there to make your life easier. How would you like to get automated notification or an alerting system to schedule staff work and shift planning. With blue Lotus 360 ERP system you will not miss anything and there won’t be challenges for you to fix anything manually.

The Blue Lotus 360 ERP system is very much user friendly and so as it will take few minutes for you to get the core and navigate the tasks for the expected outcome. With Blue Lotus 360 ERP system everything get a clear view and so as you can get a quick glimpse of everything you want to get checked related to staff schedules.

Web based

Blue Lotus 360 ERP system is very much accessible that will keep your connected from for normal browser. It will not require extra space and at the same time the data will get the complete security with satisfactory backup options.

The solution that you need will be delivered right there through web. Web based ERP systems usually known as a cost friendly solution that is earning a considerable popularity compared to the other browsing ERP soft wares.

Blue Lotus 360 can assure here that you will be get more than what you expected for the best price.

Late hours tracking

Another benefit that your organization will get by implementing Blue Lotus 360 ERP system is it will give you complete guidance to track and monitor late hours.

When making the incentives for employees there should be a detail picture about the working schedules and that will directly get affected by late hours as well.

This is an area needed to be analyzed in detailed for not missing out any important data. Yet get it updated and recorded manually will be a considerable challenge where can be come across a lot of mistakes.

Blue Lotus 360 ERP system can be very much supportive here by providing you a detailed picture and insights for the information that you look for.

Absenteeism tracking

The development of the technology has taken the world to its next level and so does you can get rid and feel relief from considerable manual works. Absenteeism tracking is one of the key features that you can get access to b using Blue Lotus 360 ERP systems.

The attendance tracker must be efficient enough to filter the data that you will be needed at any given time. With Blue Lotus 360 you will be getting to an insightful picture that can be accessible in a short period of time.

Leave tracking

Leave records of the employees is very much important that will direct affect the several areas of an organization. First in HR perspective this is a sensitive area that will help to track certain information about the performance of employees and also that is influence the productivity of the business as well.

Blue Lotus 360 ERP system will give you clear indication of the details that you are looked for.  Learn about the statistics that you can get by implementing Blue Lotus 360 ERP system to get everything you want to track the employee performance. The accuracy of the data can be guaranteed 100% compared to the manual recording.

Attendance calculation and reports

A detail record of attendance will reflect considerable information when evaluating the performance of employees. To get the tasks fulfilled you will be needing a detail report for with accurate and valid statistics.

Blue Lotus 360 also give a key feature that will simply deliver the reports that you need. Mainly to evaluate the performance and when making the payroll attendance report play a huge role that will help you to make important decisions related human resources monitoring.

Customized the reports that you need with the help of our experienced team and they will help you to get the best you need.

Export reports

Most ERP software not giving appropriate features to export the report that you need.  Using Blue Lotus 360 ERP system will give you in just a click.

Blue Lotus 360 ERP system has developed with considerable features that will simplify a lot of complicated processes that you were using with time wasting manual work.

Blue Lotus 360 will bring more reliable and practical solutions to so many issues that you had with traditional and manual processes. Implement Blue Lotus 360’s time attendance system in Sri Lanka and experience the amazing results it bring to upgrade you organization.

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