Payroll System Sri Lanka

Payroll System Sri Lanka: Choose Blue Lotus 360 ERP System

Do you know how Blue Lotus 360 can support you in getting the best payroll system in Sri Lanka to your business? Let’s learn about what are the benefits that you will be getting with Blue Lotus 360.


Blue Lotus 360 can help you with best administrative and transactional tasks that include proper employee management too. This will introduce you more practical, efficient and simplify HR processes to manage the employees in best way.

Payroll systems that you will get with Blue Lotus 360 will reduce your extra work load in managing the employees. It will track the attendance, scheduling, pay slip etc.

It will also help you with accurate calculations, automatic alerts, flexible payment methods and many more. You will be happy to manage the employee with the payroll systems introduced by Blue Lotus 360.

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It doesn’t matter the nature of your business and the size of it, payroll systems play a special role in contributing the administration work in more detail and specific way.

Payroll management will be a complicated process and will stress you out when you don’t having a proper tracking system.

With the payroll management system in Sri Lanka introducing by Blue Lotus 360 it would be much easier to manage the payroll in better matter and it will be so simple more than you thought.

The payroll systems that we implement for your business will be very much easier to navigate and use.

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Attendance management plays a special role when it comes to payroll systems. The accurate data will help you in many ways in tracking the performance level, and the productivity of the employees and it will also help the businesses to settle the required payments.

A special feature that expecting from payroll software is attendance management and there is a high necessity of filtering the accurate data. The payroll systems that Blue Lotus 360 will bring you will help you in proper attendance management.

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Similar to attendance management, leave management also play a special role towards the growth of the business in Sri Lanka. Most traditional methods available are not suiting to track the leave management properly with the growing industrial trends.

And to track the productivity and the employees’ active engagement leave management is area that you have to track and manage more professionally and seriously.

The payroll system that you will be getting from Blue Lotus 360 is accurate and offer you more navigated records about the leave managements.

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The payroll systems that Blue Lotus 360 brings to you has high quality values and standards in admiration support that you need for your business.

It will surely reduce so much of paper work that you used to do before getting know about efficient payroll systems.

In proceeding with salaries, performances, calculating the attendance payroll systems can be so supportive if you are lucky to get more customized systems as that help to track and navigate your business in human resources management. And this will also direct you with proper accurate payment methods and relative deductions.

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OT request

In wages calculations and related monitoring your business will require a proper OT management systems. Balancing and monitoring OT requests are another benefits that you can get from the payroll software and Blue Lotus will find the best matching tools for you in payroll system related to OT request management.

Shift management

Roaster arrangement and management is a complicated process when it comes to business with larger employee resources and if you are going to make it manually it will sure sound as a nightmare. By using payroll systems you get proper shift managing solutions with Blue Lotus 360.

Employee profile

The profiles of your employees matter a lot for a business to identify the related skillsets and knowledge. A problem that you may face now is no to keep better records in employee profiles and to filter the related information whenever it needed. In this area proper payroll systems can do a better job.


Get the accurate, detailed and relevant reports related to HR and administrations it is always required to generate more accurate reports. Find the Blue Lotus 360 to get learn about the best ways to generate the report that you required.

User Friendly system

The specialty with Blue Lotus 360 is we bring more user friendly payroll systems for you. This will cut down so many hassles and workloads and will help to save your precious time and money.

Using user friendly systems also help to get you accurate and detail pictures that best matching for your business.

Blue Lotus360 can figure out the best matching payroll system solutions in Sri Lanka for your business and we can assure you that you will be love to work by using the new user friendly payroll systems.

Backup & security

The data are the most valuable unit for any sort of business. If you don’t have a proper way to secure your data with more professional and efficient systems that will bring high risk in collapsing your business and so as the systems.

This is where you highly required the proper security systems and backing up process to secure the data that you enter the system. Thus Blue Lotus 360 will offer you a payroll systems with better backup processes.

Best prices

One of the main reasons that why you should chose Blue Lotus 360 for better payroll systems is for the reasonable prices that you will be finding with us. We offer the best prices in the industry with more professional and personalized service.

You may find the best contracts at Blue Lotus 360. Reach out our team to find about more details about the suitable contracts we have for you.

Contact +94 114862520 or email hello@bluelotus360.com Blue Lotus 360 to find about how you can get the most matching payroll system in Sri Lanka for your business using our ERP software in Sri Lanka.

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