Inventory Management System in Sri Lanka

Inventory Management System in Sri Lanka: Choose Blue Lotus 360 ERP System

Looking for inventory management system in Sri Lanka? Enhance the quality, standards and the efficiency of your business by installing Blue Lotus 360 ERP system in your inventory managements. Check out these reasons to check why you should chose Blue Lotus 360 ERP inventory management system in Sri Lanka.

inventory management system sri lanka

For Any Business

Regardless the size of the business and the kind of the business effective inventory management plays a significant role affecting any type of business. A proper inventory management system will bring considerable benefits to a business.

Blue Lotus inventory management system introduces tailor oriented and customized inventory management system in Sri Lanka that will fit any business.

By using Blue Lotus inventory management system can minimize the wastage by reducing unnecessary costs, reducing the employee mistaken, maintaining a proper cash slot, get maximum profits, increasing the efficiency of the business re few of the pluses that your business.

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Inventory Management

Blue Lotus ERP system mainly monitors the inventories that considered as the heart of a business. Inventory management helps a business in by producing accurate statistics and reports, process management, stocking and enhancing the quality and the standards of picking and also packing.

The results that a business should get from the ERP system should be accurate enough that will be the base of all the important decisions that a business takes.

Blue Lotus ERP system is ready to activate a better picture for your inventory management to regulate the business logistics, better management for operations, financing that will reduce the errors and will give better results, profitability and productivity to your business.

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Stock Control

Inventory software in Sri Lanka optimize by Blue Lotus 360 offer more reliable and accessible database in stock controlling.  The automated processes that can navigate by ERP systems will cut of considerable manual works that will also be very much cost friendly to a business.

It will produce you proper statistics in all the incoming and outgoing data and analysis that will quicker and efficient than manual works.

Better identification for each stock is also very much important when it comes to inventory management. Blue Lotus 360 can produce you effective inventory management system that will help your business in getting proper identification to your stocks.

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Barcode & Serial Numbers

Stock organization, getting the proper data about their quantities require a specific identification where barcode and serial numbers are used to simplify the whole process.

Blue Lotus 360 can enable a better output to check the inventory levels, produce adaptable solutions, categorization and many more through the inventory management system that are implementing in your business.

Barcode and serial numbers are also important in managing products by offering proper identification and organizing and so as the every quantity that storing get equal significance and recognition that will make your stock controlling process an easier to manage.

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Purchase order

Purchasing order has a considerable area to be covered as it involves a lot of systems, processes and inventories that takes time to complete each.

Blue Lotus 360’s inventory management system in Sri Lanka can help a business when making the purchasing orders several ways especially in purchasing, providing tracking units and numbers, filling the order information, checking and updating inventories, customer handling and recording are some of the areas that consisting when making purchasing orders.

Blue Lotus 360 can offer you more pragmatic and reliable solution that will make up the whole purchasing order process an easier and efficient one.


Get your billing process related to inventory management and purchasing orders customized by implementing Blue Lotus 360 inventory management system in Sri Lanka. Billing has to accurate, clear, organized and detailed.

Using Blue Lotus 360 Inventory software in Sri Lanka will insert more a professional appeal to the traditional and manual billing processes that you followed so far that took a lot of time and effort in organizing the inventory management.

Billing with Blue Lotus 360 ERP system will be more productive and convenient for its users.

Suppliers’ Management

Supplier management related to a business has to handle with a great care and a seriousness. This is surely a sector that cannot control manually as the possibility of mistakes get repeated are at a higher level.

Most businesses involves a wide range of customers whereas the database management may get complicated to cater the increasing numbers.

This is where the necessity of efficient, controlled and systematic process required. Blue Lotus 360 can deliver better results for your business in suppliers’ management that will offer you a continuation of increasing related quality and standards in the expected results.

Cost Effective

Proper inventory management system in Sri Lanka bring considerable cost friendly results to a business and Blue Lotus 360 can help a business in minimizing the wastages take place in inventory management by producing more profitable results.

ERP systems will bring several cost friendly solutions to inventory management in any type of a business. Mainly they are cutting off inefficient, time consuming and costly manual work includes the human workforce cost.

It will enable the business expansion while get rid the stock from excessive and dead stocks. This will surely help to enhance a business whereas giving a proper transparency to a business.


ERP systems are considered as an ensured solution to secure a database of a business. Data and the entries of a business is very much important that will related to the confidential sectors of a business.

Blue Lotus 360 can offer better solution to produce a high quality and centralized security to your inventories with proper and speed backup systems. Thus, with Blue Lotus 360 ERP system every critical and sensitive data entries of your business get fully covered safety.

Access From Anywhere

One of the best advantage that you get by implementing the Blue Lotus 360 ERP system is you can get access to your inventories from anywhere in the world at any time. And so as you are not required to come to a warehouse or to office whereas you get the facility to manage your inventories from any distance.

User Friendly

Most are afraid to get adopted the businesses especially the inventory management by a system as they may find the processes look complicated.

As an experience and matured ERP system providers in Sri Lanka Blue Lotus 360 can help to get the best from your business and the processes that we introduce your business in systemizing the inventory management are very much user friendly, accessible and convenient to use.

We are also ready to give the required trainings to adopt your business to use ERP systems.

Now you know the best inventory management system in Sri Lanka, So contact Blue Lotus 360 +94 114862520 or email hello@bluelotus360.com to implement inventory management system in Sri Lanka to your business in Sri Lanka.

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