Warehouse Management System in Sri Lanka

Warehouse Management System in Sri Lanka

Implement the right software for operational purpose will be very much beneficial in warehouse management and at the same time it will be helpful for your organization to increase the productivity and efficiency of the processes as well.

It is always important to get the right ERP system to process your operations. Let’s take a look at how Blue Lotus 360 warehouse management system in Sri Lanka can be helpful for you in warehouse management in Sri Lanka.

Receiving items

Receiving goods for warehouses is a critical process that should be firmly monitored. The efficiency of rely on manual processes for calculating, receiving, directing for right place, storing and checking the quality of the goods receiving are really questionable due to the human misses can be happened.

This has a direct impact on right recording and analysis as well, and most probably following manual processes may bring you false records and figures that will directly affect the right management. Furthermore, it will slow down the operations and the henceforth processes that may delay the production or distribution as well and so as it is very much important and required to look for more productive systems and process for monitoring the goods receiving to a warehouse.

Coming up with more practical and reliable strategies Blue Lotus 360 ERP system will assure to make your day easy, minimize the wastage and increase the production.

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Orders and shipments

The next important area to be considered in a warehouse management process is managing orders and shipments rightly.

This is also an area a lot of mistakes can happen, but unfortunately most warehouses that we get to see in Sri Lanka still tend to follow manual processes for orders and shipment management thinking that is the way for cut down the cost.

At the same time the delays of the operation, wastage and snail paced production will make a considerable damage that will cost your company more. So as it has already recognized that following traditional methods for orders and shipment management will not bring the expected result.

Installing Blue Lotus ERP system will be very much helpful for your warehouse operations as it will right track the orders and shipment details and records so as you will feel relieved to find out more productive and simple processes for receiving orders and issue the goods right for the details.

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Picking and dropping monitor

Another benefit that you get from Blue Lotus 360 for warehouse management is it will be helpful for keep up a smooth operation in your warehouse by rightly monitoring the picking and droppings.

Blue Lotus 360 ERP system can be very much helpful as it will save your precious time and money by reducing the wastage, unnecessary costs and at the same time will reduce the time waste that will take for picking and dropping monitoring.

Usually picking and dropping of goods take more time than estimated to figure out the right location in ware houses.  The manual documentation and processes may not direct your operations for right goals including the daily tasks.

Especially, if your organization manages bigger warehouse or few the processes and systems that you follow have right impact for the productivity of the operations and so as it is important to make the whole process more systematic.

Implementing Blue Lotus 360 ERP systems will surely give you better results in warehouse management for picking and dropping off goods.

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Item inventory

Item inventory in warehouse management mainly focuses the products and the goods that are receiving and issuing. This is also one of the crucial area that has to take a close monitoring which cannot be 100% fulfilled by following traditional and manual methods.

Order fulfillments and item inventories should rightly monitored from receiving, tracking, auditing, order issues, shipments etc. Item inventory also include the tracking the quality and the standards of the goods that are receiving, stored and issuing from a warehouse.

The type of items, their quality and quantity matter a lot in inventory management in a warehouse. Blue Lotus 360 ERP system will help you to fulfill and management few tasks at once accurately and so as it will cut off number of inefficient works and wastages.

Managing the warehouse inventories rightly will also be a good solution for track the missing items, get the information of damaged goods as well.

Mobile version

The most significant benefit that you get from installing Blue Lotus 360 ERP system for warehouse management is it is very much user friendly, whereas you will no longer require bigger screens, PC and files to record and monitor the whole process.

You may simple install the mobile version and it would be very much easy for you to get the work done with less efforts and timing.


Blue Lotus 360 ERP system also offers you a feature where you can get the accurate measures for inventories and goods in receiving, storing and issuing processes in a warehouse. It has efficient capacity to change the size or the scale of the quantities and inventories that will be very much beneficial for you in managing the warehouse processes accurately

The primary task of Blue Lotus 360 ERP system that is optimized for the use of warehouse management system is increase the productivity, save time, minimize the wastage and smooth up the operations and processes in a warehouse.

Therefore, Blue Lotus 360 has added many useful and productive features for its ERP systems that is meant to use for ware house operation management.

Generate Reports

Reporting and strategic management is also a key component when it comes to warehouse management. Generating report is a process that often take more time than estimated whereas you need a trustable source to get the strategically analysis related figures that will showcase the whole system and processes in a brief time.

With Blue Lotus 360 ERP system you get the right help to generate the reports that you require wherever and whenever you need.

Implementing Blue Lotus ERP system will surely make your life easy by cutting off unnecessary workloads by helping your organization in minimizing the wastage of time and precious money that you can simply invest for the betterment of the expansion or production of your organization.

Contact Blue Lotus 360 to implement warehouse management system in Sri Lanka.

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